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30 Campos Elíseos
Patrons of the Digital Enlightenment

30 Campos Elíseos is a digital asset collector group that is dedicated to discovering and promoting prodigious artists around the world and helping them find collectors that value their work and recognize their talent. 

The club was founded in Florence, Italy, the birthplace of the Renaissance, but the collectors are from many different countries both in Europe and the Americas. 

We aim to bridge the gap between digital and physical art by offering digital art tokens that can be linked to paintings and other mediums of  physical art. We also provide educational content for new collectors so they can learn about the value of digital tokens and smart contracts for both their tangible assets and their digital assets. As we onboard new collectors, we will connect them with the diverse network of artists and other collectors. 

Our mission is to revolutionize how digital art is used, to ignite curiosity in new generations about art, and to be leaders in the curation of art exhibitions, the identification of artistic talent, and the globalization of the Digital Enlightenment. 



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