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We are pioneers in this new artistic movement and hope to connect with others who are passionate about the future of art and its intersection with technology. We are creating a network of innovative artists who dream of starting a new era of art. Additionally, we want to unite visionary collectors who will revolutionize the way art is consumed and build a multidimensional network that creates opportunities for both artists and collectors in unimaginable industries and spaces.

This is the beginning of the Digital Enlightenment.


By joining our collective of artists, you are entering a mutually beneficial relationship with other artists as the collector group promotes you in different galleries, popups and museums around the world and presents your art to potential collectors around the world.



By purchasing an artwork from our curated list, you are eligible to join 30 Campos Elíseos as a collector. You will gain access to unique and exclusive opportunities and events where you can network with incredible people from many different countries. Additionally, there will be opportunities to receive long term royalties for holding artworks from our curated artists. 

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