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I do not believe that man was meant to attain happiness so easily. Happiness is like the palaces in fairy tales whose gates are guarded by dragons; we must fight in order to conquer it.

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My Story

There have been several moments in the history of art that have disrupted the world, and those moments were the catalysts for many incredible achievements and creations that transcended generations. The rediscovery of perspective and proportions during the Renaissance period empowered humans to create in different dimensions. A few centuries later, artists strayed away from realism to convey ideas. They realized that it is possible to portray values, theories, and events without having to copy a perfect image of nature. In the modern era, the digital transformation that we're experiencing demonstrates that tangible materials are no longer a necessity to create beauty - but vision, ideals, principles, imagination, creativity, dreams, and hope - these are the materials that artists need to truly inspire others. Historically, artists have acted as bridges between the present, past and future because they have the ability to visualize the details that nature and God hide, and they emulate the beauty of the world so that the common person can savour and feel that which his ignorance masks. Artists look to the past for inspiration and wisdom from the geniuses of ancient times who devoted their lives to their divine calling, and by doing so, they mold the future with their imagination with the hope of improving the present. 

Art is the first step to social progress; it's the gateway to curiosity, which transforms indifference into an insatiable desire to acquire knowledge. Then, knowledge reveals the path to truth and justice, and in that order because you cannot achieve justice without truth. Our vision is to inspire the new generations to build a culture free of injustice and to always search and fight for the truth by using art to teach stories and philosophies of the past, to propose new theories, and to dream of impacting the world for the better. Our vision is to demonstrate that "impossible" is a temporary state until someone ambitious and brave enough to reach for the stars is willing to take a leap of faith for the evolution of the human intellect. I envision a society in which virtue, truth, justice and friendship always triumph; it will be a universal revival that will promote self-improvement, philosophy, beauty, and creativity, and it all starts with artwork that incites people to learn, to explore the depths of their soul and to dream of dismantling the boundaries of human ability. 

We are at the beginning of the Digital Enlightenment - the actions we take today will transcend generations. 

Sinbad the Sailor

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