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After the last day, night and morning are part of nothingness and time rests on the eyelids of the past. Existence takes its inclination, to begin with, the end of eternity, to define the path, a path that in the mind is not sacred but unconscious under the weight of each decision, the balance adds another fragment to its mechanism leaving nothing to change. The end takes a last step together with the time and after 3 drops they return to their inkwell and the last day begins again.


-Signed physical print with AR filter on museum-quality canvas will be sent to the first collector. Size 27.5 x 19.6 inch ( 50cm x 70cm ) shipping included

Judgment of Life by Saint MG

  • With the purchase of this artwork, you will receive a Ledger to Hardware Wallet to safely store you art. A Ledger hardware wallet, combined with the Ledger Live app, is the best solution to secure, store and manage your crypto assets. You will also receive information from 30 Campos Elíseos that will help you learn about Web3, digital assets, and crypto art so you can manage your own assets.

  • When you purchase this piece you will receive a membership to our collectors group where you will have access to exclusive information, invitations to events around the world, and opportunities to receive royalties from your artwork. 

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