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Music and art were made for people to come together and lock into similar frequencies to express emotions.

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My Story

I believe that digital artwork has and will inspire many young entrepreneurs and innovators to break the chains of the past and create a way for a more pleasant tomorrow. Art is many things in the eyes of the beholder. The value that is created by these new mediums will surpass many of the current technologies. We hope the story and message of our collector's group will fan the flames of people's passions and push them to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives. We want art to be infinitely alive in everyone’s hearts.


God created us in his image, and some are blessed by him to be creators on this planet. The art of our collector's group will calm the soul and sing to the hearts of those who witness it. Glad to be part of the journey of those who will become history’s greatest artists for this new era of digital art. 

Ignacio E. Martinez

My Collection

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