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The world is made of either people with killer instincts or without killer instincts , and the people who seem to emerge are the ones who are competitive, driven and with a certain instinct to win. Everyone has their own type of killer instinct! 

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My Story

Hello! I am Alejandro Guarneros. I'm from Monterrey, Mexico and currently reside in San Antonio, Texas. I have always been focused on looking out for myself and my future, and whether that means investing in small things or big projects I always like to take risks. Whether those risks give the desired results or not, I enjoy the ride because I always get something out of every opportunity even if it's just experience! 
I’m passionate about golf; I play golf for the University of Texas A&M- San Antonio it has showed me a lot about how similar golf is to real life. I always question in golf, ‘Why should I be scared of taking a shot I haven’t hit?’ Which is something I try to apply in my daily life: why be scared before trying or risking? 
I am excited about this project and its process. It might take time to see results but that process is the best part of all of it. The process is what leads to a success! No doubt this project will go into a next level!

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